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Document register
Keeping a document register will give you more control over the documents that you collect during an assignment. [30 July 2001]

Using questionnaires
Questionnaires can be very useful as a means of getting answers to a set of closed questions. Here's how. [25 June 2001]

Email newsletters
Do your clients issue email newsletters? Ensure their newsletters bring in business instead of turning it away. [3 December 2001]

Web site viewing
When you review clients' Web sites for usability, you should consider how people look at Web pages. [7 January 2002]

The left and right brain
You can write for both the left and right sides of your readers' brain when writing reports. [11 February 2002]

Entertaining clients
Entertaining clients with tea or coffee during a meeting can be an interesting exercise in consulting methods. [9 December 2002]

Showing prospects your website
When you are with a prospect, you may want to show them something on your website. Here's a method of doing it. [23 December 2002]

The mathematics of management
Understanding the mathematics of management can help you be a better consultant. [14 April 2003]

The mathematics of management (2)
Some real examples of non-transitive sets. [12 May 2003]

Project styles (1)
In the first of two articles, we look at differing styles of project management. [7 July 2003]

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