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Project styles (2)
The second article looks at the implications of different project styles. [14 July 2003]

Quick website check
Here are some checks you can do that are quick and simple. [29 March 2004]

Job SLAs?
The advantages of attaching a form of SLA to job descriptions. [5 April 2004]

Simple form design
Helping clients to design sensible forms can be a quick way of proving your skills as consultant. [9 May 2005]

Outsourcing controls
There are four aspects to outsourcing. Control them all. [11 April 2005]

Cooking the elephant
The difference between eating an elephant and cooking an elephant. [19 November 2007]

Describing targets
Every time a target is mentioned, I don't just need to hear a number. I need to know the impact of not making target, the alternatives and the actions for those alternatives. [26 November 2007]

Following the herd
Clients may want to buy systems and services because their competitors have bought them. They might lose more than they gain. [3 December 2007]

Effective project champions
Projects without effective project champions are more likely to fail. The main user may not be the ideal project champion, if they lack some necessary attributes. [10 December 2007]

The term 'win-win' applies to a specific kind of deal, and not to any transaction from which both parties benefit. [17 December 2007]

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