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Methods: Requirements: vague visions
Vague visions of what is needed are the biggest single cause of project failure.
[31 January 2011]

Trends: Online credit cards
Your clients may need to review which cards they accept online.
[24 January 2011]

Methods: Evaluating business cases (2)
Moving on to the possible alternative courses of action and their evaluation.
[8 March 2010]

Techniques: Frequently asked questions
Are they frequent and are they answered?
[1 March 2010]

Methods: Your CV and assignments
How up to date should your descriptions of previous client be?
[22 February 2010]

Style: Business meals and entertaining
Should you have meals with clients? Should you entertain clients?
[15 February 2010]

Methods: Evaluating business cases
The first steps in evaluating a business case are all focused on the executive summary.
[8 February 2010]

Techniques: Delivering 110%
Should you deliver 110% of what your clients expect?
[1 February 2010]

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