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Email client
A good email client can reflect well upon your business. It can also make your business run better. [2 June 2003]

Spam filter
A good spam filter is a valuable resource. [24 November 2003]

Email address
Having a professional email address can help identify you as a professional consultant. [16 June 2003]

Your notes are important resources. Keep them in a way that works well for you. [28 July 2003]

Is it enough to keep your appointments on your phone? [8 March 2004]

When to use a thesaurus. And when to avoid using one. [20 October 2003]

Petri net tools
A useful tool to have on your laptop. [22 December 2003]

Passwords are important resources. There are different kinds of passwords and you can handle them differently. [5 January 2004]

Managing bookmarks through browsers can be limiting. [17 May 2004]

My paper notebooks give me a different working style. [2 May 2005]

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