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Chairing conferences: prologue
The first in this series deals with what you need to do before the conference. [17 June 2002]

Chairing conferences: start
The second article deals with how you start the conference. [24 June 2002]

Chairing conferences: sessions
The third article deals with what you should do during each presentation. [1 July 2002]

Chairing conferences: breaks
The fourth article deals with the end of each presentation and taking breaks. [8 July 2002]

Chairing conferences: end
The fifth article deals with closing the conference and what you can do afterwards. [15 July 2002]

Chairing conferences: timing
Do you dread your conference running late? Here's why running early is worse. [5 August 2002]

Chairing conferences: humour
I promised that I would give you some samples of jokes that consultants can use in public presentations. [19 May 2003]

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