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Bid management

This second article in the series gives some reasons for both clients and consultants to embrace bid management. [24 September 2001]

What is bid management? And what is it not? [13 August 2001]

There is a spectrum of bid management approaches. Here are some of them. [29 October 2001]

The first steps
These are not the first steps that you will take under a proper bid management strategy. But they will help to explain how bid management works. [10 December 2001]

Genuine bid evaluation
The bid manager must determine if the bid seems genuine. [8 September 2003]

First evaluation
The first evaluation should provide the first 'go/no-go' decision. [14 January 2002]

Budget and risk
Two major elements can be examined now: the budget and the risks. These are for the bid itself, rather than for the actual work. [6 May 2002]

Some budget considerations
If you are unfamiliar with your client's methods, you should make sure that you understand the rules. [4 November 2002]

Some risk considerations
Here are some things to consider before you look at risks. [20 January 2003]

Initial work
We take a pause to look at the initial work that a bid manager needs to do. [29 September 2003]

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