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Is your approach holistic? Really holistic? [6 August 2001]

Are you convinced? Have you been convinced? Are you certain? Find out. [17 September 2001]

'Paradigm' and 'mindset'
My paradigm can be your mindset. Find out what these words imply as well as what they mean. [22 October 2001]

'Critical mass'
Have you reached critical mass? If so, you won't be reading this. [11 March 2002]

Am I really going to advise you to avoid using ‘it’? Yes, I am. [16 December 2002]

When you should use ‘effective’, when not, and why I dislike it so much. [10 February 2003]

'Harness' and 'bring to bear'
Before using words that are intended to put an image into the reader's mind, consultants should check whether the image will be appropriate. [3 March 2003]

My perception allows me to perceive. Which is better than guessing, I suppose. [27 October 2003]

'Hone' and 'cut'
'Honing' may just be the wrong word; 'cutting' can be just nasty. [9 February 2004]

Problems with 'with'. [1 March 2004]

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