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Hurrier or worrier
People can "hurry" or "worry" their way through a first draft of a report. What they produce can be different. [22 June 2001]

How detailed should your reports be?
If your clients want short reports with only bullet points, should that be what you give them? [23 July 2001]

Taking out appendices
Consultants' reports can sometimes have more pages in the appendices than in the main text. Here's how to avoid this. [9 July 2001]

Making points with bullets
Bullets can help you make points clearly, if they're used properly. [10 September 2001]

The long word for the use of long words introduces this article on clarity and opacity and consultants' weasel words. [15 October 2001]

Using quotations
Many reports have quotations or aphorisms to introduce each section or chapter. Are they a good idea? [26 November 2001]

Be consistent
When you write as a professional, you can learn a lot from professional writers. [24 December 2001]

The singular as plural
Is there a person who checks your English? And would they approve of this sentence? [29 April 2002]

Style guides
Whether you are a single free-lance consultant or a major multinational consulting company, a style guide will help you write better reports. [26 August 2002]

Who is your reader?
Knowing who your readers are can help you to write better reports. [7 October 2002]

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