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Focus groups
Organizations are rushing to use focus groups. But they need to be watched in more ways than one. [5 November 2001]

Project management
Has automation improved the quality of project management? [21 January 2002]

CRM and consultants
CRM has been almost destroyed by consultants - and consultants may yet save it. [18 February 2002]

Consulting and accountants (1)
Will the consulting sector change as a result of Enron? [18 March 2002]

Consulting and accountants (2)
This second article in the series considers the proposed legislation. [25 March 2002]

Consulting and accountants (3)
The third article suggests a possible future for consulting and accountants. [8 April 2002]

Our popularity
Why do some people dislike consultants? is it really for the reasons that they give? [30 September 2002]

The legacy of the accounting firms
Accounting firms may be withdrawing from management consulting, but they have left some bad habits behind them. [28 October 2002]

The over-use of project management
Project management is often used when it is not needed. [30 December 2002]

After the war
Do your views about the war affect your willingness to take consulting assignments after it? [17 March 2003]

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