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Are you listening?
Listening may be a natural attribute of some people, but with most of us it is a skill that has to be learned. [21 June 2001]

Taking notes in meetings
Taking notes in meetings with clients may need you to do more than just write down what you agree. [16 July 2001]

Managing a pie-cart
You can learn a lot about the basics of management by looking at how a pie-cart, hot dog stand or whelk stall operates. [20 August 2001]

Following up
Always follow up with your clients after anything you do. It can bring you extra business. [3 September 2001]

Controlling your presentations
Here are some simple techniques for designing presentations - including when to take a sip of water. [10 September 2001]

Describing objectives
Defining objectives can be hard enough. The way that you write them down can make it harder. [19 November 2001]

A portfolio of CVs
"I'll send you my CV". No, "I'll send you a CV". [31 December 2001]

One client or two?
Do you have one client, or are there actually two? [4 February 2002]

Email disclaimers
Do you need email disclaimers? And what protection do they give you? [4 March 2002]

Handling difficult people
The way for consultants to handle "difficult people" is different from the methods described in management books. [15 April 2002]

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