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Golden rules with clients
Here are my golden rules of behaviour when you are with a client. [20 June 2001]

How to be late
You should never be late but, if you are, here's how to do it with style. [2 July 2001]

How consultants dress
The days of the white shirt and the sober tie may be over, but there are still some expectations of how consultants should dress. [27 August 2001]

Getting recognition
Do you get the recognition you deserve? Don't worry. David Blakey thinks you never will. [1 October 2001]

First impressions
You will always create a first impression. The trick is in making it a good one. [12 November 2001]

Keeping it to yourself
There are dangers in becoming too friendly with your clients. [17 December 2001]

Visiting clients
Are you on your best behaviour when you visit clients? [28 January 2002]

What your visitors see
The decor of your reception area says a lot about the kind of firm you are. [25 February 2002]

Impressive answers
Your answer to a casual question can say a lot about how you work as a consultant. [12 August 2002]

Topping and tailing
An old-fashioned technique may improve some of your business letters. [16 September 2002]

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